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Starting out with ASP

03.27.2010 · Posted in Work

My strongest language is Java and JSP.  I do personal website development in PHP.  So, imagine by dismay when for a web pilot project at work, my only available option is ASP.  I wasn’t opposed to learning the new language, more of the stakes involved.

  • It needs to tie into the Active Directory user database.
  • It needs to be completely secure.  Users can only access certain parts, and NO MORE.

Depending on the success of the pilot, I may get tasked with a larger website project using the tools I know (Tomcat, Java, JSP, Eclipse, etc).  I really need to pick this up quick, and do it right.

For tools, I’m using PSPad for coding, and a secure IIS Server for hosting.

Here are a few links that got me up and running with ASP in relatively short order.

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