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PS3 Media Streaming project, part 2

12.23.2010 · Posted in Software

A few weeks ago, I reworked my system for streaming videos and music to my PS3.  For the most part, I’m quite happy with the Windows Media Player setup.  Every video I’ve thrown at it has streamed blip-free, the biggest thing that turned me off of TVersity in the first place.  However, I have found a few quirks, and changed out a few things.

1. Goodbye FeedDemon. Hello Juice!

FeedDemon really dropped the ball since I recommended it for downloading podcasts.  They moved from version 3 to version 4, and took the automatic downloading ofenclosures out of the free version!  Angered, I searched out another way to download podcasts.

I opted for Juice, as recommended by Revision3.  It’s a free, open-source tool designed for simply downloading podcasts.  I originally thought I needed all the newsreader functionality, but all I really need is a tool to download files to a folder.  Juice does that quite well, along with maintaining playlists in Windows Media Player for easy viewing.  They also have the ability to run an executable after download, a feature I’m not using yet, but am hoping to.  A feature I miss from TVersity is how they rename the podcast file name when streaming to the title of the podcast episode itself.  When I figure out how to set the video title metatag by command line, I will have replaced all of TVersity’s functionality that I used.

2. Goodbye GOTSent. Welcome back MKV2VOB!

MKVs don’t play on the PS3, but even if they did, MKV support for Windows Media Player is quite clunky.  The last file I tried to convert out of MKV using GOTSent failed on writing out the file.  Maybe it was a new Windows 7 security thing that I didn’t fully understand, but I didn’t care to try.  I gave MKV2VOB another try, and it worked perfectly.  I think I had something weird with the MKV splitter the first time I tried MKV2VOB, so it had issues, while GOTSent bundles everything it needs with itself, so it worked.  GOTSent is still a good second choice.

3. Windows 7 sharing permissions are annoying.

This was a non issue with TVersity.  Whatever folder I pointed TVersity at would stream just fine.  Windows Media Player however respects the Windows sharing settings for each file.  I’m not sure why, but video files always stream fine, while MP3 audio files default to a “locked” status.  The PS3 can see them, but can’t play them.

The solution.  Find the files in Windows Explorer.  They likely have a small lock on their icons, indicating they are not shared at all. Even if there is no lock icon, that may mean they are only shared with the “homegroup”, still not available to the PS3.  Highlight the files, right-click, “Share With”, “Specific People…”.

Select “Everyone” from the droplist, “Add” them, and make sure they have “Read” privileges.  I wish I could get music to automatically share nicely like video, but I’m not quite there yet.

Despite these minor hiccups, I’m still not missing TVersity.  With any new tool, there’s a learning curve, and I think I’m almost at media streaming bliss.

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