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PS3 Media Streaming project, part 3

02.26.2011 · Posted in Software

Nearly two months after my last changes to my media streaming setup, the saga continues.  This time, in the form of hardware.  This morning, I charged up my cordless drill, punched a hole in the wall, and ran an Ethernet cable straight to the back of the PS3.

I’m addicted to Revision3 shows.  Every weekend, I sit back and watch the week’s shows.  At the end of January, Revision3 decided to change up their supported formats, dropping the Xvid format, my format of choice.  This left me with a choice of WMV or MP4.  I’ve tried streaming MP4s in the past of wireless G to the PS3 with no luck.  The amount of jitter makes them unwatchable.  I settled on WMV.  Although it worked, I wasn’t really satisfied.  The quality was far worse.  There were distracting artifacts.  Every week, at least one show would be corrupted.  Sadly, I was forced to make it work.

Then, my wife came to the rescue.  She had been asking me to cancel the cable for a few months now, as we hardly ever use it.  This past Monday, I made the call.  She was so happy I finally did it that she gave me permission to drill the hole, and run the Ethernet cable.  Today, I did just that.

So now, I’m resubscribing to my Revision3 shows again, this time to MP4.  I’m also going to play around some with other media servers that offer transcoding features.  I’m by no means throwing away the Windows Media Player solution.  It’s by far the best media server I’ve used so far, and if it works so well over wireless, it’s only going to be better wired.  Occasionally though, I’d like to play an MKV file without running it through Handbrake first.  Possibly PS3 Media Server?

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