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Trip to Vegas: Part 2 (Grand Canyon Tour)

06.07.2010 · Posted in Photos

Our second full day in Las Vegas was not really in Las Vegas at all.  We went on a day long bus tour over the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon.  We took lots of pictures of the Canyon.  It was amazing.

Trip to Vegas: Part 1 (The Strip)

06.06.2010 · Posted in Photos

Sarah and I finally went on our honeymoon, after two years.  We chose Las Vegas.  Neither of us are gamblers.  We chose it for the shows and the experience.  We took lots of pictures.  Here’s some from the first two days.

What I’d like to see in the next PS3 firmware update

05.15.2010 · Posted in Thoughts

The last two PS3 firmware updates have been more than a little disappointing.  The removal of the “Other OS” feature.  The framework for 3D gaming and video.  Nothing really good.  And now with lawsuits popping up, it’s time for Sony to save some face.  Here’s how.

PlayStation Web Media Players.

Ok.  My name for it kind of sucks, but imagine.  From the XMB screen, select Web Media.  A list of channels appear within the menu itself.  New channels are available through the PlayStation Store.  Select a channel to see a list of available shows.  Select anything, start watching.  Simple.  Easy.  Wonderful.

The concept isn’t new.  Boxee does it.  Sony could just as easily do it too.  They’ve already started with Major League Baseball.  The problem, I don’t watch MLB.  Networks is what we need.  YouTube, Revision3, and other online video sites.  And something for Canadians!  I’m tired of Canadians being second-class citizens for web content.

Sure you could use the web browser on the PS3 itself, browse to the website, navigate to what you are looking for, and ultimately watch the show.  With Flash support, it’s not impossible, but it sure is clunky.  A clean, nice interface for it would be great.

Sony, hear my call.  Build more web media tie ins.  Maybe even talk to Boxee about putting the whole Boxee platform on the PS3 itself.  That would accelerate the whole process.  And while you are at it, movies in the Canadian store would be awesome as well.

Merlin, my little BBQ helper

04.22.2010 · Posted in Merlin, Photos

On a scale from 1 to 10, how hot is …?

04.18.2010 · Posted in Thoughts

[Note: This post may sound shallow.  I'm not trying to be shallow.  Just trying to clear up an ongoing debate.]

It’s a question that sounds like it should be easy.  On a scale from 1 to 10, how hot is [insert name here]?  Well, if you play this game long enough, you’re bound to run into an issue.  If A is an 8, and B is an 8, who’s hotter of the two?  The two are dramatically different in appearance, but there is no clear way to decide who is really hotter.

That is because sometimes A isn’t so much “hot”, as she is “cute”.  It’s because some people like ‘em “hot”, some like ‘em “cute”, and some like ‘em somewhere in between.  The simple 1 to 10 hotness scale is outdated.  With so much diversity out there, and so many pretty faces for so many different reasons, the scale needs a reworking.  May I present, the Y-shaped attractiveness scale.

This new attractiveness scale solves the problem of ranking within a rank by adding another dimension to the ranking process.  When two people share a rank up and down, they likely differ in rank from left to right.  A might be an 8H (an 8 on the hot side), while B is more of an 8C (an 8 on the cute side).

My wife sometimes sets me up, asking me if I find one of her friends attractive.  I usually answer honestly, admitting that they are attractive, but no match to her.  She never believes it, but it is true.  Personally, I like my girls tending towards the cute side of the scale.  Yes, she may be hot, but I’ll take my cute wife any day.

I’ll try to make the scale more clear with an example.  Here are three celebrities that are seen as attractive today. Read more…