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PS3 Media Streaming project, part 2

12.23.2010 · Posted in Software

A few weeks ago, I reworked my system for streaming videos and music to my PS3.  For the most part, I’m quite happy with the Windows Media Player setup.  Every video I’ve thrown at it has streamed blip-free, the biggest thing that turned me off of TVersity in the first place.  However, I have found ...

Why I dumped TVersity in favour of Windows Media Player

12.04.2010 · Posted in Software

I recently bought a new computer, an HP Pavillion Elite HPE-400F.  It’s a pretty nice upgrade from my HP Pavillion a1132n. On the old machine, I had TVersity installed to stream media to my PS3.  The whole setup worked quite well.  The computer was wired to the router, while the PS3 was wireless.  Xvid streaming worked ...

What I’d like to see in the next PS3 firmware update

05.15.2010 · Posted in Thoughts

The last two PS3 firmware updates have been more than a little disappointing.  The removal of the “Other OS” feature.  The framework for 3D gaming and video.  Nothing really good.  And now with lawsuits popping up, it’s time for Sony to save some face.  Here’s how. PlayStation Web Media Players. Ok.  My name for it kind of ...